Over the last several months historic Christ Church overlooking the Otonabee River on Queen Street has taken on a new look both inside and out.

Tuesday, June 16th a crowd of 120 filled St. John’s to hear and tell stories of Dr. Hugh Gastle’s long medical practice in Lakefield and area.

The historic stone church is the perfect place to have a small wedding.

The Christ Church Burials Records covering a span of thirty years from 1855 to 1886, give us an interesting picture of life –and death-in the small village of Lakefield in the 19th century.

 When we stand in the graveyard at Christ Church we can see a row of four small tombstones with a cross on top. On closer examination we see by the fading inscriptions on the stones that they tell a story of the early days in Lakefield in the late 1800's when life was harsh. These four tombstones mark the graves of four young children. The Christ Church Community Museum records show: