Sunday July 5 Video
Our worship service for Sunday July 5 is led by Rev. Bentley Steers. To view the video click on the More... button below.

Bible Readings

The Bible readings prescribed for Sunday July 5 can be viewed by clicking the More... button below.

Take Note!

Summer Newsletter
Our Summer 2020 Newsletter is now available. Click the More... button below to view or download.
St. John's Closed Until September
There will be no services at St. John's until September.
Ways To Donate To St. John's
Please consider making a donation to St. John's. There are several ways you can donate even though we can't gather together at this time.
Preauthorized Giving
Consider donating to St. John's by using preauthorized remittance or PAR so you can support the church at this important time. Further information and the required form will open when you click on the More... button below. The completed form can be left in the locked mailbox at the Regent St. entrance or mailed to the church.
A number of churches in our diocese are making their services available online--some live and some as a recording. Click on More ... in order to go to the list of these services provided by the diocese.
Food Bank Update
The Lakefield Community Food Bank continues to be open on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
Events Calendar
Events Calendar
All our in-person events are currently suspended due to COVID-19. Once restrictions have been lifted come back and check out our Events Calendar for scheduled events.


Everyday Living

True spirituality is not just about taking a couple of hours a week to attend a church service. It is about offering ourselves everyday to God to promote his kingdom in the world.

Are You Hurting?

Our church is a place for those who need healing because we are all broken and need to be restored to how God intended us to be.

Need Direction In Your Life?

Do you know where you are headed? Try following Jesus to change the direction of your life. We can help you with that!

Looking For Meaning & Purpose in Life?

You are uniquely created by God to fulfill his goals. Your purpose in life is to honour God by reflecting his love to those around you. We can help you discover how to do this and how it will change your life.

What is Prayer?


Are you unsure of what prayer is or how you should pray or when to pray or what words to say? We can help you to learn how to pray confidently. Come talk to us about it. But for now, you may find the following article helpful (click "More..." for the article). Don't forget to come see us though!